Dental Patient Testimonials Santa Rosa & Cloverdale

Nicole Le, DDS & John Savko, DDS

5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews.

Patient Testimonial Scott T

Best dentist ever

- Scott T

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Patient Testimonial Alma H

My son LOVES going to see Dr. Le - he's only 4 so that's a HUGE milestone! Dr. Le and her staff are amazing and do such a great job.

- Alma H

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Patient Testimonial Greg P

Great service!

- Greg P

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Patient Testimonial Louise R

I have been going to Dr Le & Dr Savko for over two years. I feel like they are not only my dentists but treat me like a friend. Due to neglect on my part, I have had to have a bunch of work done on my teeth. I have never felt uncomfortable during the procedures and I am happy with the outcome. Dr Le recently put a crown on one of my teeth and I felt better when I left the office than I did when I walked in. I have and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family!

- Louise R

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Patient Testimonial Bernard F

Dr. Savko is my regular dentist for cleaning, etc. I had to see him last month about a wisdom tooth that was bothering me. He sent me for a second opinion to rule out anything serious. When I returned to his office he replaced the old mercury filling with a composite one, which he thought would bind some micro-cracking he observed, and he reshaped the surface a bit. I am very pleased with the results and I have complete relief from the discomfort in the tooth. I thought I was faced with needing it pulled, instead his great work let me keep the tooth and chew again on that side of the mouth. As I've stated in previous reviews, his tooth repair is the best I've ever received, from the painless Novocaine shots to the gentle drilling and grinding.

- Bernard F

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Patient Testimonial Marcia and Barry

Drs. Le and Savko, We say ditto to all of the 5 star and above reviews that we have read. Superb in all categories. My husband and I have absolutely never had first-class dentists but we do now in Drs. Le and Savko. Their education, knowledge, equipment, staff and customer service is unprecedented and rare. And they're really nice too. If I were anyone out there reading these reviews and Drs. Le and Savko were not your dentists, run to the nearest phone and make it happen. You won't be sorry. Thanks, Drs., I am really so appreciative you have a second office here in Cloverdale.

- Marcia and Barry

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Patient Testimonial Terry B

Just as always, Fast, Painless and Efficient. The same first class service your office has been providing since you took over from Dr Cooper years ago. And, I have been going to the same office for 33 years.

- Terry B

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Patient Testimonial Zosia

Dr. Le did such a great job with my 2-year old during her first visit! My daughter is usually a little shy around strangers, but Dr. Le was able to get her to sit in the chair, get her teeth checked and cleaned and put fluoride on them! My husband and I always have a great experience with both Dr. Le and Dr. Savko, but this visit took it to another level.

- Zosia

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Patient Testimonial Jane B

Received an appointment quickly from Candace after leaving a message late Sunday about a broken tooth. "My" dentist, Dr. Savko, was working in Cloverdale, so I saw Dr. Le for an emergency exam, and she was equally skilled, compassionate, and efficient. Once we decided the next step, appointments were set. In just a few short hours at the first one, Dr. Savko completed two complex crown preps. As always, he was friendly and good-humored yet professional and thorough. He paid close attention to my comfort and potential pain level and communicated clearly and completely when describing what he was doing and what to expect. The office uses current technology, shares on-screen images if patients are interested, and maintains a very clean and comfortable office. All in all, the best dental experiences I've had--highly recommended to anyone seeking both competence AND care.

- Jane B

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Patient Testimonial Gregory F

It's always fun to come to my appointments. All of the staff are very upbeat and make it easy for me to understand what is being done. I am never confused, and feel that I'm in good hands. We have a good time catching up on our lives, and I count them among my good friends. That’s what business relationships should be.

- Gregory F

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Patient Testimonial

My initial visit with John Savko, DDS, was a informative and more pleasant than expected. (I had had some less than desirable experience with my previous Dentist.) With John Savko DDS, I found the examinations and procedures to be to be very tolerable and virtually pain free and more personable. I feel much better about proceeding with the corrective steps.

- Anonymous

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